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OneClick-Console "Heartbeat" is affected when enable Apache ModSecurity Firewall


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CA Spectrum


DX NetOps Spectrum Oneclick console application at the workstation is not showing a "red-framed" console when the OC server is not reachable or not available anymore. This is seen when the Tomcat Apache ModSecurity firewall is enabled. Since there is no red box or frame it appears the OC console is up and running even though the connection to OC server is lost.


CA Spectrum Oneclick-Web-Server R10.1(++) for all platforms / OS when enabled ModSecurity Web Application firewall.


When enabling the ModSecurity Web Application firewall is enabled then the OC console related "Heartbeat" function is blocked. This then will not cause a "red-framed" (status disconnected) OC console application view anymore when connection from OC console to OC server/service is lost.

Background here is, that between OC console and OC server a heartbeat logic is checking every minute for active communication. 

As a result the OC console may look fine but there is no update or communication from OC server to the OC-Console or versa (i.e. when using / clicking to objects in the OC console).


To resolve this Apache Modsecurity application firewall setup problem, the Apache ModSecurity configuration setup needs to be modified. 

The reconfiguration requires to update/modify files:



The instructions are in the attached zip file at the bottom of this document.

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