Multiple launches created for a Task when this one is created/updated, instead of one


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
There is no error message.

Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 6.0.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6
Description:Multiple launches in the past are created for a task when this one is created/updated, instead of usually one in the Job Runs list.


Cause type:
By design


OS: Windows Server 2008
OS Version: Win 2008


When a scheduled task is created / updated/ update calendar, Task launches are recalculated.
In this case, when you create task, and want the task to run every 5 mins, with duration 20 mins from 08:00 to 20:00.
For example, if the task creation time is 16:30; those launches in the past 20mins will also be launched, because of launches scheduled from 16:11 to 16:30 are still inside the duration period.

In order to avoid this from occurring, you can add a non-simultaneity condition based on the same Uproc or modify the Validity Date of the Tasks so that it points to the future.

Fix Status: No Fix

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