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Scheduled job could not be executed and status is "Time Overrun" in the Unijob Job run view.


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Affects Release version(s): 1

Error Message :

Patch level detected:Unijob 1.3.0
Product Version: Unijob 1.4.5

Description :Scheduled job could not be executed and status is "Time Overrun" in the Unijob Job run view.


Cause type:
Root Cause: In UniJob, all job run are created with a start time and a end time, even before they start running. This end time represent the dead line for the job run to start. If the job run is not started before the end date, it is considered that this job run as "expired" and it will go then in "Time Overrun". The interval between the beginning and the end is called "Launch Window".
What happened was the system was doing a reorganization during the launch window. This procedure "locks" the files during reorganization and then the jobs can't start. Usually the reorganization is short so there is no impact on the jobs.


OS: All
OS Version: All OS.


There is a way to avoid this. In the UniJob Settings, can change the default launch window.
- Open the settings
- Go to advance settings
- Update the settings called "Default launch window for Jobs (minutes)" and for this, change it to 10 mins

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Unijob
Version: Unijob 1.4.5

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