DUAS: EEP or IO refuses to start - several network cards
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DUAS: EEP or IO refuses to start - several network cards


Article ID: 86740


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Description :After an upgrade of the second DUAS instance on a system with multiple instances and multiple Network Interface Cards:

- The EEP of the second instances refuses to come up at startup with following error in the logs.
- Netstat reveals that the EEP port is actually taken by on specific IP by the EEP of the already running instance.


Error Message :
EEP log:
Could not add listen endpoint on Could not bind socket (errno=67)


OS: All OS


Cause type:

Root Cause: This is a setting issue. Following variables have to be created in the environment with the correct settings.
U_CLUSTER set to Y allows the processes to bind the IP or related NIC that ressolves the node name U_LOCALHOSTNAME.
UNI_SRV_BIND_NAME forces EEP must be set to the Hostname set in U_LOCALHOSTNAME.


Stop the node
Check that all the Dollar Universe process are correctly stopped
Execute the following command from the bin folder

./unisetvar U_CLUSTER Y
./unisetvar UNI_SRV_BIND_NAME 

Additionally, if the current U_LOCALHOSTNAME points to a wrong hostname or IP, change it with the command units:

./unims -update -host CORRECTIP


That way ALL Dollar Universe processes will ONLY listen into the IP CORRECTIP ( to be replaced by the IP).

Restart Dollar Universe (DUAS should be restarted because both settings are static).