Can't create a uproc in the "Design" section
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Can't create a uproc in the "Design" section


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
Following errors are in the universe.log file when the user tries to access to this design feature 

| 2015-10-07 16:45:39 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=40960224.5913| get_new_id | Error writing header for file u_mxup01: 6
| 2015-10-07 16:45:39 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=40960224.5913| xn_get_id | Error updating header article for u_fxup60: 6
| 2015-10-07 16:45:39 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=40960224.5913| xn_get_id | Error reading file u_fxup60: 6
| 2015-10-07 16:45:39 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=40960224.5913| o_io_cache_data_provider_ | Error getting ID for <BBBB>: 6 

Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 6.4.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.4.01

Description :It is impossible to create a Uproc in design mode. Application returns a error message indicating that this action is impossible.

On the other hand updating an already existing Uproc may still be possible.

This issue could possiblyhappen after a system outage, (e. g. a fill system full)


OS: IBM AS/400
OS Version: Any Operating System can be concerned
Related configuration item(s): Basically, any version of Dollar Universe can experience this issue unless the datafile are not corrupted


Cause type:
Root Cause: The Uproc ID files u_fxup60.dta are corrupted. This file contains the IDs of all uproc, if it is corrupted it is no longer possible to create a new uproc because ID creation does not work anymore.


If these files are corrupted, they must be restored from an existing backup from the period before the problem appeared.

The restoring must imply u_fxup60.dta, u_fxup60.idx, and u_fupr60.dta, u_fupr60.idx, u_frup60.dta and u_frup60.idx of all active areas.

Fix Status: No Fix

Additional Information

Workaround :