DUAS5: Impossible to start Engines - User Unknown


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

On a Linux / Unix server were Dollar Universe uses a LDAP user as DUAS admin account (ie univadm), after an operation on LDAP or after having patched the OS where DUAS had not been previously correctly stopped it is impossible to restart the DUAS engines (LAN, EXC, SUR and CAL).
Even if it seems that LDAP is operational again.

The user starting the process (univadm) is not present in /etc/passwd file.

Error Message :
During the startup procedure

" LANC Exploitation Erreur
Utilisateur inexistant (User Unknown)

CALC Exploitation Erreur
Utilisateur inexistant (User Unknown)

ECHA Exploitation Erreur
Utilisateur inexistant (User Unknown)

SURV Exploitation Erreur
Utilisateur inexistant (User Unknown)

Acces refuse, Droits insuffissants (Access denied. Insufficient Rights)
Fin startup de Dollar Universe



System / LDAP configuration issue, Dollar Universe User cannot be found in the /etc/passwd or LDAP server


Dollar universe 5.x
OS: Linux / Unix


- You have tried to razfic different files (u_fmpi50)
- You see that uxlst atm command can only be executed by root.
- You see that a reorganization doesn't help.

It means that the problem is certainly coming from LDAP configuration and the root cause is probably related to the LDAP Server or /etc/passwd

In order to fix the issue, either fix the LDAP configuration or simply ask the System Administrators to create the user locally ( adding it to /etc/passwd).