Job Runs of a DUAS 5.6 are not displayed on Univiewer Console


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

Error Message :
In the universe.log these messages can appear a lot of times:
u_cdj_envoi_buffer : (index = 32766)/send error u_rep_req: (WinSock): Software caused connection abort
u_cdj_trt_req : Error reading request: Invalid message header (not supported) (Invalid message header ex (not supported))

Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 5.6
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

Description :The Job Runs of a DUAS 5.6 are not displayed on Univiewer Console, but are correctly displayed via the command line.


Cause type:
Root Cause: The UVC console asks the CDJ server to send the information of the job runs.


OS: All
OS Version: any OS


Launch the tool uxpurge after setting up the needed variables on the environment files. If the binary is launched without setting the variables before, it will purge all the executions except the ones occurred during the latest 24 hours.

Please take into account that if the files are too big (more than 2 GB) this operation can last up to 5 hours.

When the purge has finished, stop the company and then launch a offline reorganization and then restart the Dollar Universe company.

Here included the procedure to setup the environment variables in order to modify the default values of the uxpurge:


How to use uxpurge command to purge records

Dollar Universe v5.0.0+SPRE0025 or higher.
Application Validation Tests


The purging of data is done using the command $UXEXE/uxpurge for Unix and %UXEXE%\uxpurge for Windows. The records on the following data files will be purged:
u_fmsb50:Launch data
u_fmsp50:Variable and parameter data
u_fmcx50:Execution data
u_fmhs50,u_fmph50:Execution and history traces
u_fmfu50:Previous launch data
u_fmev50 u_fmer50 u_fmeq50:Event wait data


If the uxpurge is executed without any environment variables defined, only the records for the last 24hours(from the time the command is executed) will be kept.
Mandatory Backups / Safety Measures

Back up the environment files.$UXMGR/uxsetenv* files for UNIX; %UXMGR%\uxsetenv.bat and %UXEXE%\*.def files for Windows.
Implementation Check

Execute the command: $UXEXE/uxpurge for UNIX or %UXEXE%\uxpurge for Windows.Then, check if the records have been purged.Check the job monitor if the retention delay is being respected.If you set U_RETENTION_DELAY_COMPLETED to 7 days, then the jobs that are 8 days old or older must not be present.

Implementation Procedure

Stop the company.
Define the variables in $UXMGR/uxsetenv* files for UNIX or %UXMGR%\uxsetenv.bat and %UXEXE%\*.def files for Windows.The numerical variables can have values between 0 and 999.These variables will be taken into account at the next startup of Dollar Universe.
Execution and intervention histories:
S_NBDAYS_HIST:Default retention cycle.Numerical
S_STATUS_AREA_HIST:Status codes to be kept according to the cycle defined in the S_STATUS_NBDAYS_HIST variable.Value:DWROAEIFT
S_STATUS_NBDAYS_HIST:Retention cycle in days of those status codes defined in the S_STATUS_AREA_HIST variable.Value:Numerical
Job Monitor:
S_NBDAYS_CTRL:Default retention cycle.Numerical
S_STATUS_AREA_CTRL:Status codes to be kept according to the cycle defined in the S_STATUS_NBDAYS_CTRL variable.Value:DWROAEIFT
S_STATUS_NBDAYS_CTRL:Retention cycle in days of those status codes defined in the S_STATUS_AREA_CTRL variable.Numerical
Future launches:
S_NBDAYS_LAUN:Default retention cycle.Numerical
S_STATUS_AREA_LAUN:Status codes to be kept according to the cycle defined in the S_STATUS_NBDAYS_LAUN variable.Value:DWROAEIFT
S_STATUS_NBDAYS_LAUN:Retention cycle in days of those status codes defined in the S_STATUS_AREA_LAUN variable.Numerical
U_PURGE_NOLAUNCH:To purge non launched future launches in the time overrun status.Value:Y
U_PURGE_DISABLE:To purge future launches in the held status.Value:Y
Status codes:D:Started;W:Event wait;R:Refused;O:Time overrun;A:Pending; E:Running;I:Aborted;F:Completion in progress;T:Completed
Restart the company

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