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IO X service creation fails during an installation on Windows 2012


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
During installation procedure following error messages were returned by the system.
Faulting application name: UniServIO.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54c12cb6
Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 6.3.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.3.01

Description :The whole installation seems to be successful. Only the IO_X service has not been created.
Therefore starting DUAS is impossible.


OS: Windows Server 2008
OS Version: Windows Server 2012 R2


Cause type:
Root Cause: According to forums and discussion this kind of problem maybe due to a complex access rights issue and may occur on Windows system


The solution is to create manually the IO X service. This is possible in V6 as it formerly was in V5 . Therefore the user must connected as a local Administrator on the system:

Browse to the company folder
Load the environment
Browse to the bin folder

To obtain the help instruction to the command uniservio run :
C:\ORSYP\DUAS\TST600_vmstm2k8r2cst01\bin> uniservio -install
Argument(s) missing
-install to install the service
-remove to remove the service
Code Company
Code Area
type X/S/I/A


example of an execution

uniservio -install TST600 X vmstm2k8r2cst01

If you execute this command as a Administrator it should create the IOservice executed by Localsystem.

Fix Status: No Fix

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Workaround :