Impossible to start the EEP process with root user
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Impossible to start the EEP process with root user


Article ID: 86595


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6

Description :On the Unix systems, the uxeepsrv process that checks the file resources (EEP), can't be started as root, as it used to be the case on versions 5.x for the processes SUR / LAN (uxsur / uxord).

Therefore some file resources can't be checked correctly as the admin user lacks of permissions.


OS: All Unix


Expected behaviour


In case you want to start on Unix the EEP (uxeepsrv) as root, on a node owned by a different system user, the node needs to be assigned to the root user:

1. Stop the node: unistop
2. Assign the node to root:
uxrights -m assign -a root
3. Start the node: unistart

Other possible solution is giving permissions on the folders / files supervised by the EEP.