NFA data not available in UMP after integration with nfa_inventory probe
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NFA data not available in UMP after integration with nfa_inventory probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When configuring nfa_inventory probe for the first time, the probe does not seem to be pulling any data from NFA because no Interfaces are shown in USM under the robot.  If needed please follow the following document attached, which provides a step by step process for how to configure the probe with pictures.


The probe was configured exactly as shown in the above document; however, the Interfaces were still not showing in USM.  There was something corrupted in the nfa_inventory probe and needed to be deleted and reconfigured for the data to begin showing.

Additional Information

It is currently not possible to map flow data for interfaces that is not visible in NFA console. 

The following is how the nfa_inventory probe calls data from NFA: 

- nfa_inventory probe is calling NFA API 
- nfa_inventory fetches SNMP device and its interface inventory only. 
- nfa_inventory publishes interface inventory over NimBUS as probe_discovery subject, then stored into CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM. 
Then we are seeing its device and interfaces in UMP 
- If we hovor a cursor on the interface (in UMP), then NFA API is called again to fetch flow data statistics for interface, flow data is displayed then. 

(*) Note. Flow data does not exist in UIM database. 
Flow data displayed in UMP is result as part of NFA API is called in background. 

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