The end date of a job launch does not automatically update to 10 minutes after the start date.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
When clicking on "Run", the following message appears:
 -> Unable to retrieve job information for <job_name>


When re-running the job, the following message appears:
 -> An invalid data has been used

Patch level detected:Univiewer Console 6.2.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.2.0

Description :Unijob end date does not update correctly after upgrading to Java 1.7

After upgrading java from version 1.6 to version 1.7, the end date of a job launch does not update according to the start date anymore.
With version 1.6, whenever you update the start date of a run, the end date would get updated accordingly (+10 minutes).
With version 1.7, the end date sticks to the original date/time even when you update the start date, which prevents the job from running.

When you try to schedule the job for a date in the future, the end date stays in the past, and when you click on 'run', you get the following error message: "Unable to retrieve job information for TESTJOB"
The same applies to jobs that you try to rerun, except that the error message is different: "An invalid data has been used"


Cause type:
Root Cause: N/A


OS: All
Related configuration item(s): Unijob1.4.x


Update to the fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Univiewer.Console
Version: Dollar.Universe 6.3.01

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