Receiving S878-10 on batch job using COBOL 6
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Receiving S878-10 on batch job using COBOL 6


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After moving from COBOL 4.2 to COBOL 6.1, started getting abends in batch jobs and Client Server applications.  The processes worked when compiled with COBOL 4.2.  This involves batch managers and action blocks.






z/OS Batchz/OS Client Server CICS


Maintenance have not been applied.







Apply PTF's RO83428 and RO93797.  RO83428 is a change to the stubs used to access the Compatibility (CMP) programs.  To pick up this PTF, relink all the Gen compatibility programs.


Additional Information

RO93797 is a change to module TIRLILOD.  To pick up this fix, relink the DLL programs that call the Gen compatibility programs.  This PTF is not required to fix this problem but since application programs must be relinked, then it would make sense to apply this PTF to relink all DLL and Compatibility components at the same time.  As a suggestion, evaluate the time and resources necessary to assess the affected programs and when the installs can be done.

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