autosys_secure is unable to generate EEM certificate
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autosys_secure is unable to generate EEM certificate


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


Generating an EEM certificate in autosys_secure results in the following error messages:

CAUAJM_I_60200 CA EEM certificate generated successfully. 
CAUAJM_E_10436 Security server unreachable or invalid authentication certificate file. 
CAUAJM_E_10434 Error initiating security session. 
[EE_BADOBJECT Bad Object] 
[CertificateReader::loadPEM - cannot read certificate] 
[CertificateReader::loadPEM - cannot read certificate] 


Autosys 11.x 12.x


This is caused by a lack of permissions to the /tmp or c:\windows\temp directory.


For Linux
The /tmp directory must have the following permissions:

drwxrwxrwt or 1777

Also, the owner and group should be set to root.
Run the following commands to correct this:

chmod 1777 /tmp
chown root:root /tmp

For Windows:
the c:\windows\temp folder must have full permissions for the user logged into the system running the autosys_Secure command

Log into the system with local full admin rights
right click on the c:\windows\temp folder and go to properties
under the permissions, tab add the user running the autosys_secure command and grant them full permissions
apply and save

Next Step:
After these changes have been made, run autosys_secure to configure EEM Security and generate the certificate.

Additional Information

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