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Error on hub.log : “queue alarm_enrichment already has a subscriber�


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alarms are no more displayed in IM and/or Admin Console, apparently after a hub upgrade.

In hub.log there are the below lines:

"hub: Subscribe error: queue alarm_enrichment already has a subscriber"


"hub: Subscribe error: replacing current subscriber not permitted, denying request from 'alarm' at ''"


Reviewing hub probe UI -> Status tab - found that the alarm_Enrichment queue had a probe profile as ID, for example "logmon"

It happened that the profile enabled in logmon probe subscribed before the alarm_enrichment subscribes to alarm queue and hence the error above in the log.


Any UIM 8.x


There are two possible ways to have this fixed (in this specific example the logmon):


- open logmon UI
- disable the profile
- save the changes
- deactivate / activate Alarm_Enrichment probe 


continue to have the profile enabled but change the probe restart order, basically have the logmon probe started after    alarm_enrichment.