Error when attempting to run a report from Jasper Studio
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Error when attempting to run a report from Jasper Studio


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When attempting to open a report in Jasper Studio, and then run that report, an error may pop up as follows:

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This is caused by Jasper Studio not having some of the files that make up a report locally available on the machine.


In order to run a report from Jasper Studio, you must first download the report into Jasper Studio, and then you can run the report. 

To do this, follow these steps:

The following are the steps to download, compile and run the reports in Jasper Studio.

 1. Firstly click on the Project Explorer tab

 2. Then Right Click on MyReports and select New-> Folder and give the folder a name (e.g. MyTestReports)

 3. The go to the Repository Explorer tab and navigate to the Service Desk reports. In this example we'll use the 'Active Incidents Aging'

 4. Expand the 'Active Incidents Aging' report - you'll see 4 sub-components (main_jrxml, active_incident_aging_subreport.jrxml, ca_styletemplate.jrtx and

 5. Right click on each of these components and select 'Download to File'. When the Save As popup appears, select MyReports-> MyTestReports as the destination.

 6. Once all the components are downloaded, in the Project Explorer tab open the MyReports-> MyTestReports main_main.jrxml file

 7. Click on the Data Set and Query Editor dialog button (Top Right of middle pane) and click the Drop down in the top left (It will probably say 'One Empty Record'). Select the Service_Desk_Data_Adpapter and then OK.

 8. Now click on the Compile Button - to the left of the Data Set and Query Editor button.

 9. Once the report compiles, click the preview button in the lower middle pane - This should run the report.

You can then edit and compile the .jrmxl files while working in Jasper Studio, and once you are happy with the report, you can publish it back to Jasper Server to make it available for users.

TIP: We recommend that you create a new folder on the server to save your customized reports, as well as change the name of the report, so that you do not risk overwriting the OOTB reports.


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