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The CA Librarian MLJ4408 USERMOD for Datacom Datadictionary is looking for a library called CWU42LLD. We don't have a CWU42LLD library.


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We are upgrading to Librarian 4.4 and need to apply the CA Librarian MLJ4408 USERMOD for Datacom Datadictionary.  The USERMOD MLJ4408 is looking for a library called CWU42LLD.  We don't have a CWU42LLD library on our system.  

The LJDDLNK USERMOD JCL member references CWU44LLD and we don't have that library either.

What library should we be using?


The VPE module Librarian needs was originally part of CA Common Services. 

Effective with CA Common Services V12, the CWU4200 FMID was moved to CA Datacom/DB:


CA Common Services FMIDs No Longer Ship with Version 12.0

Last update July 24, 2014

The following common services are not part of Version 12.0:

  • CA MFLink
  • CA Profile


CAIVPE (FMID CWU4200 at CCS Version 11.0) now ships with CA Datacom/DB and <dad>. This service is part of their product installation.




Change the CWU4xLLD references in LJDDLNK and MLJ4408 to the Datacom/AD CAAXLOAD library.