Reorganization take a lot of time on u_fmsb50 file


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

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Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 5.6
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

Description :The size of u_fmsb50.dta file is important and it cause a long reorganization time.


Cause type:
Root Cause: Some SBSESS records are not purged from u_fmsb50.dta.


OS: All


The FX25028 is a hotfix which require the FX25010 cumulative patch.
It deliver the uxpursbsess maintenance utility that can be used to purge SBSESS records in the u_fmsb50 file.

Please note that this maintenance utility is not audit-trailed and that DUAS security does not apply to it. It is recommended to reserve its usage to DUAS administrators.
This utility will purge SBSESS records in the u_fmsb50 file based on a date criteria; every record which was lastly modified at a date anterior to the criteria will be purged, providing the corresponding session header launch record is no more present in the u_fmsb50 file (session header corresponding to the SBSESS record, correspondance being given by session number).

A FORCE mode can be used optionnally to purge only based on the date criteria (i.e. check on the matching session header will not be performed).
Please note that by default the utility only lists the records that will be purged if the PURGE option was used when launching the utility with the same options.

The uxpursbsess syntax is:

COMPANY is the company name of the node to target (mandatory)
X|A|I|S is the area to target (mandatory)
NODENAME is the node name of the node to target (mandatory)
YYYYMMDD is the date criteria (format must be respected) (mandatory)
PURGE sets the utility in PURGE mode instead of LIST mode (optional)
FORCE sets the purge criteria to only be on the date (optional)
DEBUG sets the utility in DEBUG mode (optional)

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Application.Server
Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25028