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In Dollar Universe 6, the task scheduling behaves differently depending on the "Start Date" of the Rule


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


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Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 6.0.00
In Dollar Universe 6, compared to version 5. the task scheduling behaves differently depending on the "Start Date" of the Rule 


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By design
Root Cause: This is a normal behavior on Dollar Universe v6.x as the behavior in version 5 was not as specified in the documentation.


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As stated in the Reference Manual for Dollar Universe v6, if the Task period is "week", the Start Date date must be a Monday.

Allocation of Scheduling Rules

An application date must be defined for each Rule.

This is the date as of which the rule is calculated (indispensable, for example, for a rule with a period of two weeks: it must be clear from which week the calculation begins).

The application date must correspond to the period's starting date:

  • If the period is "week", the application date must be a Monday.
  • If the period is "month", the application date must be the first of a month.

A first schedule date must be globally defined for the Task. This corresponds to the date on which the Task is available for operations.
Depending on the scheduling parameters, the calculator will possibly reiterate its calculation until it finds a scheduling date greater than the first schedule date.

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