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Datamaker crashes running POST action to update table column


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We tried to update an XML type column within an Oracle table. Although we could run the query in SQL Developer,  Datamaker would crash when updating the column.  Below is the sample query that was being run in SQL Developer and Datamaker

update orderxmldata 
set orderxml = XMLType('<A/>') 
where orderxmldataid = 679139;


TDM 4.X - Using Oracle 12c as both the data source and target


We found out that Datamaker does not handle existing locks that are in the target database.   In the above example,  the update was performend on orderxmldata via SQL Developer,  but a commit on the update was never performed to release the locks on the table.  When Datamaker tried the same SQL,  the records were locked,  and Datamaker crashed without error.


If you are going in behind the scenes with a secondary SQL query tool outside of Datamaker,  and making changes to data,  please make sure you commit those changes in your tool, before having Datamaker perform any publishing jobs.   It's not supported to be updating target or source data while Datamaker is performing a publish action.