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Under SDN Manager Switches do not show in the Fabric of the default domain


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CA Spectrum


After Configuring the VNA environment and running through the VNA integration steps, no switch models appear under the SDN Manager.


VNA does not collect the SNMP Community String when the devices are added. So, when the integration occurs it relies on Spectrum to have the SNMP Community String to then model the device. If it does not, the devices will not model in Spectrum.


Spectrum 10.2.xVNA 3.2


Add the required SNMP Community Strings to Spectrum, here are the steps:


Open the Spectrum OneClick GUI.

Go to the Universe View

Select the VNM Model

Under Component Details -> Information -> AutoDiscovery Control -> Expand Modeling and Protocol Options

Add the required Community Names to the SNMP Community Strings section

Keep in mind if the devices use SNMP v2 or v3 then #v2/  or #v3/ will need to proceed the Community String.

Once complete please rerun the VNA Integration

Additional Information

Spectrum 10.2.x

VNA 3.2