Confusing job status between DQM and Dollar Universe
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Confusing job status between DQM and Dollar Universe


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


There is a disjointed job status between DQM and Dollar Universe. On the Dollar Universe side, the jobs are in a PENDING status while in DQM they are in an EXECUTING status even though the jobs are already completed on the system.

Other symptoms could be that jobs are not submitted from logical to physical queues.

There is no error message but the staus of the jobs between Dollar Universe and DQM are not consistent.

uxshw queue:
XC4__NLCITLC_FIN000       696822             username        025  2014661  Executing 20130210 13:52 C4__NLCITL
XC4__NLCITLF_FINDEL000    696816             username        025  2014676  Executing 20130210 13:52 C4__NLCITL
XC4__NLCITLF_FILTER000    696809             username        025  2014679  Executing 20130210 13:52 C4__NLCITL
XC4__NLCITLA_FININS_E000  696846             username        025  2014680  Executing 20130210 13:55 C4__NLCI
uxlst ctl full
 A_FININS   C_FIN      C4__NLCITL PENDING        02/10/2013 135259 02/10/2013 135259         name   
 A_FININS   F_FINDEL   C4__NLCITL PENDING        02/10/2013 135238 02/10/2013 135238         name           
 A_FININS   F_FILTER   C4__NLCITL PENDING        02/10/2013 135209 02/10/2013 135209         name           
 A_FININS   A_FININS_E C4__NLCITL PENDING        02/10/2013 135543 02/10/2013 135543         name           


OS: All
OS Version: ALL

Dollar Universe version 5.x


Cause type: Configuration
Root Cause: The DQM data files may have been corrupted due to file system full or Dollar Universe was never stopped before stopping the host machine.


If the issue remains, the reinitialization of DQM data files is necessary.

  1. Rename the DQM files to have a backup: u_jobfile.dta, u_prmfile.dta and u_quefile.dta.
  2. If available, replace the three data files with a good backup.
  3. Modify the uxstartup_gen to comment out the line that starts the launcher.
  4. Restart Dollar Universe.
  5. Recreate the batch queues via the GUI(UVC or GCO).
  6. Restart Launcher from the GUI(UVC or GCO).
  7. Uncomment out the line that starts the launcher in uxstartup_gen.

Additional Information

Workaround :
  1. Stop Dollar Universe.
  2. Run the offline reorganization for Dollar Universe data files.
  3. Restart Dollar Universe. The reorganization of DQM data files is automatically done before restarting DQM process.