"ISE_ERROR_UNKNOWN unknown isponsor error" When Attempting User Search in EEM
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"ISE_ERROR_UNKNOWN unknown isponsor error" When Attempting User Search in EEM


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


When attempting to search for a user under the Manage Identities tab within the EEM GUI, the following error is displayed...

Error: EE_POZERROR Repository Error
ISE_ERROR_UNKNOWN unknown isponsor error


EEM 12.x


This error can be caused when the EEM User Store is configured with an LDAP connection and the LDAP User Search filter has syntax errors. When this is the root cause, the following error will appear in $CASHCOMP/EmbeddedEntitlementsManager/logs/ldap.log...

ERROR 2017-10-24 13:07:56,722 [0x5f3fbb70] [eiam.server.ldap.ldaputil] LdapUtil::doSearch: ldap search failed [name: XXXXX, basedn: o=XXXXXX,o=email, filter: (&(&(objectClass=abcdXXXX%n%%2)(uid=XXXXXX)), ldapconn: 0x7e7181d0, rc: -7, error:Bad search filter]


Check the User Search filter in the EEM User Store configuration and make sure there are no syntax errors. Correct any that appear and then save the configuration. No EEM server restart is necessary after this correction.