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Unified Reporter fails to install


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unified Reporter installations are failing during the "Install Repository" stage.  The following errors can be seen in the C:\tmp\ia\ur.log file:


Error while checking for JRS REST Web Service: java.lang.Exception: Response status code (403) Forbidden
Error while checking for JRS REST Web Service: java.lang.Exception: Response status code (403) Forbidden
Caught exception: java.lang.Exception: Timed out waiting for the web service to become responsive
Thread(InstallRepositoryThread) is done [failed]


Any currently supported version of Unified Reporter through 8.51


The jasperserver.license found in the wasp_unified_reports package that the Unified Reporter installer writes to the local archive on the primary hub expired on September 17, 2017.  When Unified Reporter is installed, the expired license prevents accessing the jasperserver-pro webapp and causes the repository installation to fail.


Until a permanent fix is created, the following steps can be followed to get Unified Reporter successfully installed/upgraded:

  1. Download a copy of the wasp_unified_reports_license package from the Web archive into the local archive on your primary hub
  2. Run the Unified Reporter installation binary until it fails while trying to deploy the repository.  A the retry/cancel/continue pop-up error window appears at this point. Leave the install in this unfinished state for now.
  3. Deactivate the wasp on the robot that you deployed Unified Reporter to (typically this is on your UMP robot)
  4. Deploy the wasp_unified_reports_license package to the robot you are installing Unified Reporter on
  5. Activate the wasp probe on the robot you are installing Unified Reporter on
  6. When this wasp probe has a value in both the PID and a port columns in Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console, select the retry button from the Unified Reporter installation pop-up error window to retry and complete the Unified Reporter installation.

Additional Information

The wasp_unified_reports_license package contains a valid jasperserver.license file.  If your already have Unified Reporter installed, you will have to download this package and deploy it to your robot where you have Unified Reporter installed (typically your UMP robot).  Once the package is installed, you will have to cold start (deactivate, then activate) the wasp probe to be sure that the new license is picked up and used by the jasperserver-pro webapp.

If you upgrade or reinstall Unified Reporter, the jasperserver.license file will be overwritten with the expired one found in the wasp_unified_reports package.