Cannot monitor more than 500 nodes from Univiewer Console.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

Error Message :
An error message will pop-up from the Univiewer Console.

Patch level detected:UniViewer Management Server 3.x
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

Description :Impossible to monitor more than 500 nodes from Univiewer Console.


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: There has been some documentation inconsistency in Univiewer Console v3.x. In fact, only 500 nodes can be opened from the Job Runs at a time as stated in "UniViewer Administrator Manual V4.0 for Windows and Unix" in section 7. UVMS - Configuration and Maintenance.
UVMS v4.0 is designed to support a large number of UniJob and Dollar Universe nodes. Note: An environment is a Dollar Universe Node/Area. For example, a Dollar Universe node with two active Areas counts for two environments.


OS: All
OS Version: ALL OS


Only 500 nodes can be monitored on the "Job Runs" window at a time.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Univiewer.Management.Server
Version: Dollar.Universe 6.0.0

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