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Error RPG0211 with command YDSPLICPRD to display license information


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When attempting to display the 2E license keys with the command Y1SY/YDSPLICPRD, get the error message:

Message . . . . : Error calling program Y2RTJCR (C G S D F). 

Cause . . . . . : The RPG program YLDPDFR in library YLUSLIB at statement 8880 attempted to call program Y2RTJCR, but was unable to find program Y2RTJCR, its library, or one of its service programs. Check the joblog for more information on the cause of the error.


Release: K1EBAS04400-8.5-2E-400 Toolkit


Program Y2RTJCR is a run-time object in the 2E library Y2SY, options are: 

1.    Add the library Y2SY to your library list. 

2.    Add a library of run-time objects to your library list, using the YDUPAPPOBJ command to create a library of run-time objects. 

3.    Copy run-time object Y2RTJCR to your library Y1SY. 

After utilizing one of these methods, retry the YDSPLICPRD command.