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RiskAuth and strong auth SERVICES don't start


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


When trying to startup risk auth or strong auth services after a fresh install, the arcotwebfortlog throws below errors:

10/26/17 16:53:36.978 FATAL STARTUP      00004448 00WFMAIN - [UDS-STARTUP] createUdsServiceInstance failed: Bootstrap process not completed
10/26/17 16:53:36.978 WARN  STARTUP      00004448 00WFMAIN - [UDS-STARTUP] Failed to obtain UDSObject!. Got NULL.
10/26/17 16:53:36.978 WARN  STARTUP      00004448 00WFMAIN - Initializing URS Failed!.


This error occurs when the bootstrap is has not been done before trying to start the services and UDS is not deployed.



Release: ARCWFT05900-8-Arcot-WebFort-for Windows


Please complete the bootstrap task from the admin console by logging into the masteradmin and then deploy the arcotUDS.war


Here is the documentation link: