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HUB robot is restarting when try to open a probe GUI in IM or Admin Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Every time I tried to open the url_response probe on the hub, the robot completely restarts.

I tried to delete the probe and reinstall it and copy back the .cfg file but the same thing happens.

This also happens if I am using Infrastructure manager or admin console.

I also update to the latest version of the probe, robot and hub and the issue persist.



UIM 8.51
hub 7.9X
robot 7.9X
url_response 4.40 4.43


The configuration .cfg file was somehow corrupted, though by looking at the file you could not visually see anything wrong.



  1. Make a backup of the url_response.cfg file
  2. Delete the url_response probe
  3. Make sure the directory is gone from the file system
  4. Deploy the latest version of the probe
  5. In IM make sure url_response probe is deactivated.
  6. Open the url_response.cfg file with Notepad.exe or NotePad ++
  7. Copy the contents of the original backup .cfg into this new url_response.cfg replacing the default information.
  8. Save the file
  9. Activate the url_response probe
  10. Try accessing the GUI from IM.


NOTE: this can be followed for other probes as well.