HUB robot is restarting when try to open a probe GUI in IM or Admin Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Every time I tried to open the url_response probe on the hub, the robot completely restarts.

I tried to delete the probe and reinstall it and copy back the .cfg file but the same thing happens.

This also happens if I am using Infrastructure manager or admin console.

I also update to the latest version of the probe, robot and hub and the issue persist.



The configuration .cfg file was somehow corrupted, though by looking at the file you could not visually see anything wrong.



UIM 8.51
hub 7.9X
robot 7.9X
url_response 4.40 4.43


  1. Make a backup of the url_response.cfg file
  2. Delete the url_response probe
  3. Make sure the directory is gone from the file system
  4. Deploy the latest version of the probe
  5. In IM make sure url_response probe is deactivated.
  6. Open the url_response.cfg file with Notepad.exe or NotePad ++
  7. Copy the contents of the original backup .cfg into this new url_response.cfg replacing the default information.
  8. Save the file
  9. Activate the url_response probe
  10. Try accessing the GUI from IM.


NOTE: this can be followed for other probes as well.