kernel module fails loading in invalid DNS environment.
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kernel module fails loading in invalid DNS environment.


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When Customer start up PIM, he got error and startup failed. 

# seload


grep: /proc/AC/symbols: No such file or directory 


CA ControlMinder system call is not loaded. 


He configured start PIM at boot automaticallyby systemd.

And reproduced steps are here:

1. start machine and PIM start automatically by systemctl command. 

2. login as root via GUI. 

3. open terminal and stop PIM by secons -sk 

4. unloading kernel by SEOS_load -u 

5. start up PIM by seload. 



OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.xProducts: CA Privileged Identity Manager r12.8 SP1 for Endpoint. OS configured graphical login.


The problem is occurred with invalid DNS setting and login via GUI. 

invalid DNS setting is meaning, server address is not reachable or DNS server is not available.

 It should be fix at first.


/proc/AC directory is created by loading PIM's kernel module.

And it is removed by unloading kernel module after all process which opens this directory is closed.


When user login via GUI, many process is started and then some process is opened the directory.

So, the directory, /proc/AC, is stayed until logout in GUI after unloading PIM's kernel module.



Workaround is here.

Please apply one of following items.

- correct DNS setting.

- stop with systemctl command via GUI terminal and unloading kernel module

- stop and unloading PIM via CUI, such as PuTTY, TeraTerm or so.

- logout from GUI at the problem.  And PIM start after login via GUI again.