Cannot access DUAS node from UVC Console: "The access is denied"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
Pop-up window message on the UVC console:
The access is denied, usually due to security constraints or license restrictions. User:username

Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6 / Univiewer Console 6
Impossible to access Dollar Universe node from the Univiewer Console. An error message pops up when performing any action with the above error.



Communication issue between Dollar Universe and UVMS,  this could be due to a network connection issue or by the fact that the node is declared on a different UVMS.


OS: All


In order to register again the Dollar Universe 6 node in a given UVMS, please launch the following commnands in the Dollar Universe node.
  1. Load Dollar Universe 6 environment.
  2. Stop the node
  1. Unregister the node ( no need to provide any parameters)
unims -unregister 
  1. Register the node on the UVMS again. 
unims -register -mshost UVMS_HOSTNAME -msport UVMS_PORT -login USER_ADMIN -pwd PASSWORD_ADMIN
  1. Restart the node


Additional Information

Workaround :
Perform a "Full Synchronization" of the node so that the security is pushed again from UVMS to DUAS.
In case it still does not work, proceed with the unregister / register of the node.