SP Portal log (sldppcoll.log) is too verbose


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CA Automic Sysload


Affects Release version(s): 5

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No errors

Patch level detected:Sysload Portal 4.00
Product Version: Sysload 5.7.0

Description :SP Portal log (sldppcoll.log) is too verbose, it is really difficult to troubleshoot when a collection task fails.


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Root Cause: N/A


OS: Windows Server 2008
OS Version: 2008 R2


Corrections included:
# Log file readability improvement
An additional log file (sldppcoll.csv) is now generated giving a summary result of the collection process.
This log file must be considered as an investigation start point when data is missing in the SP Portal Database.

# Collection retry possibility
It is now possible to re-launch a collection task for Agents which were unavailable (connection failed) at the moment the collection task was running.
This functionality is available through the menu:
Administration >Maintenance>Execution Log.
In the "Action" column, two new buttons can appear :
- one enabling the retrieval of the list of Agents that have not replied.
- one that allows the collection task for the list of Agents to be re-launched

Fix Status: Released

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Component: Portal
Version: Sysload 5.7.0

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