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FORECAST Job fails with error message "ORA-20999: General Failure "schedule start from date is null""


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Error Message :
ORA-20999: General Failure "schedule start from date is null"

After upgrading from version 8.x.x to version 9.x.x, FORECAST Job fails with an error similar to the following:
old 7: start_date := to_date('&start_date','yyyymmddhh24miss');
new 7: start_date := to_date('20170927140319','yyyymmddhh24miss');
old 8: end_date := to_date('&end_date','yyyymmddhh24miss');
new 8: end_date := to_date('20171007235959','yyyymmddhh24miss');
old 9: max_depth := '&max_depth';
new 9: max_depth := '20';
old 10: min_units := '&min_units';
new 10: min_units := 'DAYS';
Start=27 14:03:19 End=07 23:59:59
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-20999: General Failure "schedule start from date is null"
ORA-06512: at line 11


Root Cause: Since version 8.0.x, the 'Reschedule From” date value for Weekly and Monthly Schedules is a required field. This error indicates that there are these types of schedules without the 'Reschedule From” date value


OS Version: N/A


Use the below sql to find Schedules without a 'Reschedule from date" value. For each result, edit the Schedule and add a 'Reschedule from date' value.

select so_module, aw_sch_name, aw_sch_start, aw_sch_frm_date, aw_sch_units from aw_module_sched, so_job_table
where aw_job_seq=so_job_seq and aw_sch_units in (-1, -2) and aw_sch_frm_date is null;

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