AHD05918:Unable to retrieve status transition condition macro.
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AHD05918:Unable to retrieve status transition condition macro.


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When customer tries to change or update the incident status, the action is not completed and returns the message:

"AHD05918:Unable to retrieve status transition condition macro"



Service Desk Manager 12.9 / 14.1 / 17


Possibly there is an invalid or not existing Condition set in the status transition register.


The steps to resolve the case are:

1. Open the status transition in question. In example: status "Open" to status "Working in Progress" (if this is which is returning the error message)

    Go to Administration tab > Service Desk > Incident/Request/Problem > Status Transition Incident

2. Look at the field "Condition". See if there is any condition set, and if that condition exists as a macro condition.

3. If not, you need to remove that condition and save the status transition.

4. In an specific case, the Condition field was empty, however in the usp_in_trans table, the Condition columns was set as something like ("NULL") value.

    This is not a valid NULL value. The valid NULL value is something like (""). So in this case, the value need to be change from "NULL" to "" in in_trans > Condition column. This can be done directly by an sql query, such as:

update usp_in_trans set condition = "" where condition = "NULL"

After this query, you need to run the following command in a DOS prompt in the Service Desk server:

pdm_cache_refresh -t in_trans