Impossible to copy more than 50000 cells via Univiewer


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When trying to copy many lines from Job Runs or another menu on Univiewer Console, a popup message is displayed stating that only the first 50000 cells have been copied.
No error message appears, only a warning popup message.


By design, for performance / memory reasons the maximum number of cells that could be copied has been set to 50000.


Univiewer Console 6.x


In order to be able to copy more cells, a new setting has been added on UVMS Node Settings starting on version 6.3.01 which is called UNI_VIEWER_MAX_CELL_IN_CLIPBOARD.

To do so, go to UVMS node settings - Advanced Settings and modify the following:

Maximum number of cells saved in the clipboard (affects UVC memory consumption, requires UVC restart): 50000 -> increase to 200000 or more

Notice that depending on the selected values you can put more or less cells in the clipboard when selecting rows in any UVC table and pressing CTRL+C

You need to logout / login from Univiewer Console to take into account this new setting.