How to update the Endevor Global Type Sequence?
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How to update the Endevor Global Type Sequence?


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Before upgrading to Endevor V18, there was an option to use foreground -  "4 ENVIRONMENT" and then "7 TYPE SEQUENCE" to update the Type Sequence
This is no longer available in v18 or v19 - it is now display only.

How is the Type Sequence updated?


Endevor v18 and higher


Use the following steps to find the Type Sequence member:

1)  Go to "4 ENVIRONMENT" and then "1  SITE" and on the second page look for the section titled:

---------- Parameter Library Information -----


This contains the PARMLIB data set name and the Type Sequence member name:

Parmlib Data Set....
Type Sequence Mbr....


2)  Edit the Type Sequence member in the PARMLIB library.

3)  No additional processing or assemblies are needed.

4) Log out of Endevor and log back on to get the new Type Sequence. 


Additional Information

See KB Article Id: 37635 if you want to set up a different Type Sequences order for different Systems.