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UNIX / Linux Agent crash: A Job using ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT may force a “Segmentation fault” abort of the Agent


Article ID: 84689


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When a Job with the following characteristics is executed the UNIX / Linux Agent fails with a “Segmentation fault” and the Job goes to a status of “Unknown” (1543):

  1. As Generate at runtime
  2. Job uses script function ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT with option WAIT to activate another object.
  3. The activated object needs to be a Workflow (JOBP)

Error shown in Service Manager Log:

U00022022 Process 'UC4 Unix-Agent' ended, exit code='0(11)'.


Job having the following characteristics:

  1. Job (JOBS) uses a Host Group (HOSTG)
  2. Job has “Generate at runtime” activated


Results in:

Last message in Agent log:

U02000005 Job 'JOBS.UNIX.INC00133762' with RunID '4461508' started. 

Error message ot the Linux shell:

[1]- Segmentation fault nohup /home/scj/12/agent/bin/ucxjlx6 -i$PWD/ucxjlx6.ini 

Last message in Service Manager log:

U00022022 Process 'UC4 Unix-Agent' ended, exit code='0(11)'.



Cause type: Defect
Root Cause: Agent crashes when a Job with a generated at runtime option is executed and the Job results in a status of “Unknown”.


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component(s): AE Server and Initialdata

Automation Engine 12.1.1 - Available
Automation Engine 12.0.4 - Available