The Request Template Association List for Support Automation is empty.
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The Request Template Association List for Support Automation is empty.


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In Service Desk under the Administration tab > Support Automation > Service Desk Integration > Request/Incident Template Association > Create New > The list under Name does not show any templates.

Selecting the drop down yields no results even when templates should be available.

<Please see attached file for image>

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SDM 12.9SDM 14.1SDM 17.0


When the Create New button is selected, SDM runs the following for the Create New query: 

SELECT cr_template.template_name FROM cr_template WHERE cr_template.del = 0 ORDER BY cr_template.template_name 


The root cause for this issue can stem from another template having a NULL value for template_name on the cr_template table, which is a required field, and can cause all other templates to not be displayed.


Remove or modify the NULL records for template_name on the cr_template table.

Then run the following command to refresh the cache on the cr_trmplate table:

pdm_cache_refresh -t Cr_Template


Refresh the browser and all templates should now be available through the drop down menu when attempting to associate a new template to Support Automation.


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