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Condition on File Resource is not detected on network disk on Windows


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


On Windows, conditions on file resources are not detected if the files are on the network using a UNC path (ie \\server\folder\file.txt)


OS: Windows
OS Version: All Windows


Cause type:Configuration
Root Cause: This is related to the system user defined in the Windows Services to start the EEP process by default: Local System does not have permission on Network Paths.


In order to configure the File Resource properly, you must
- Use UNC path to the file (\\server\folder\...\file)
- Change the user used of the Windows services in charge of checking the resource so that it's a Local or Domain User instead of Localsystem.

Dollar Universe 6:

The service in charge of external events ("EEP" service) needs to be started with a local or domain user that has permissions on the network path (usually the same user that starts the Job with the file resource condition).

Dollar Universe 5:
- The Launcher ("ORD" service)
- The Supervisor ("SUR" service)
- The service associated with the submission account
 all need to be started with a user that can access the network