Documentation inside UVC not up to date and site links broken


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


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The help page in the Univiewer Console (UVC) documentation, available via the question mark ("?") at the bottom right of the documentation, is incomplete and partially obsolete and links to different ORSYP sites do not work such as the links to:
  • "AUTOMIC User Forum Online"
  • "AUTOMIC Technical Support Online”
Some documentation is also missing such as the command mode documentation and the reference manual that seems to have been removed between version 6.5.21 and version 6.6.01.
Also, the copyright at the bottom of the page dates back to 2013, while the copyright in version 6.6.01 shows a release date of 2018.



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Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

The links have been corrected. The copyright has been updated to 2018.

UVC Online help only provides documentation on UVC features. Other documentation is available as PDF files or web help. The web help is available on line on or can be downloaded and installed locally.

Fix Status: Released

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Component(s): Univiewer Console 
Dollar Universe 6.9.01 - Available

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