Workload forecast does not display tasks


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Error Message :
|TRACE||pool-1-thread-1|com.orsyp.std.naming.CnsServer$IoVersionCacheOnEnvironment|getting version for [SOCIETY/NODE_NAME/X]
|TRACE||pool-1-thread-1|com.orsyp.std.naming.CnsServer|get ioVersion=560
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1|com.orsyp.std.TaskListStdImpl|Task list: extractItems() - Size of list [0] - eligible task to be added in the list [MU/upr/sess/template] : [TEST/TEST//false]
|TRACE||pool-1-thread-1||proxy disabled, security defined, user declared in $U, apply security d) Login in UVMS as another user which points to a group
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1||check: TaskId [][][ ][TEST][000][TEST][false] - DISTRIBUTE
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1||nothing special defined, return true
|TRACE||pool-1-thread-1||check object TASK ** Reproduction Environment
|TRACE||pool-1-thread-1||checking value (;TEST;TEST) against (*;*;*)
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1||using (*;*;*) to define security on (;TEST;TEST) **DUAS NODE v5
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1||operation DISTRIBUTE not found in [+] block OS: Linux
|DEBUG||pool-1-thread-1||returning falseServer:

The Univiewer Console (UVC) users with a PROFBAT profile cannot display the list of tasks when doing a "Workload Forecast". 

The Task list is empty and the reason being that UVC is looking for the permission DISTRIBUTE instead of SIMULATE in the TASKS which is not added on this profile.
This list was properly displayed on UVC 3 / UVMS 3, and the Workload Forecast via the command "uxlst prv" with a user pointing to the same profile, PROFBAT,  the user can perform the forecast of the tasks correctly.


Cause type:
Root Cause: Issue was caused from confusion between SIMULATE and DISTRIBUTE.


OS: All


Upgrade to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available where now if user has the SIMULATE right, the list of tasks is displayed.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Univiewer.Console
Univiewer Console 6.9.01 - Available

Additional Information

Workaround :
From the tasks menu, click on workload forecast.