SAP Agent will not start and forces trace with error


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
From forced trace:

20180319/112329.620 - 1 java.lang.RuntimeException: MD5 MessageDigest not available
at com.uc4.jgssapi.CmnEnc.md5Generate(
at com.uc4.jgssapi.CmnEnc.md5Generate(
at com.uc4.jgssapi.GssHelper.gss_PWEncrypt(
at com.uc4.keymgr.KeyManager.computeDefaultCompanyKey(
at com.uc4.keymgr.KeyManager.(
at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.initEncryption(

The SAP Agent will not start.

After attempting to start the Agent it instantly falls, and creates a forced trace file. The file contains the above error message.



Cause type:
Root Cause: An incompatible (likely older) version of the sapjco3.jar file is being used.


Release: AUTWAB99000-11.0-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


An incompatible version of the sapjco3.jar file is being used. The version of the .jar file can be checked with the following command:

java -jar sapjco3.jar

For higher versions of the Agent the output should be the following (i.e. this is the output for the sapjco3.jar that should be used with version 11.2.7):
| SAP Java Connector |
| Copyright (c) 2000-2015 SAP SE. All rights reserved. |
| Version Information |
Java Runtime:
Operating System: AIX 7.1 for ppc64
Java VM: 1.7.0 IBM Corporation
Default charset: ISO-8859-1
JCo API: 3.0.14 (2015-12-16)
JCo middleware: JavaRfc 2.2.17
JCo library: 721.619
Library Paths:
Path to JCo archive: /u01/Automic/sap/bin/sapjco3.jar
Path to JCo library: /u01/Automic/sap/bin/
| Manifest |
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Implementation-Vendor: SAP SE, Walldorf
Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.6.4
Implementation-Version: 20151216 2300 [3.0.14 (2015-12-16)]
Specification-Vendor: SAP SE, Walldorf
Specification-Title: SAP Java Connector v3
Created-By: 5.1.028 (SAP AG)
Specification-Version: 3.0.14  

If the version of the sapjco3.jar is in fact incompatible with the Agent version being used, then download a compatible version of the sapjco3.jar file.

Then replace the old sapjco3.jar with the new sapjco3.jar in the Agent's bin directory. 

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