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Policy Violation report does not show audit cards details


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


When viewing a Policy Violation Report, it does not show the audit card from the newly created BPR.


new BPR is not included in properties file.


Identity Governance 14.0 and up.


1. Open the audit parameters file that you have selected for the universe. The default one is generally 

in the following location in your IG server " C:\Program Files\CA\RCM\Server\eurekify-jboss\conf\audit\parameters" 

2. Find the following line: 

bpr.files = BankPolicy 

Edit it to include the name of the custom BPR file, for ex. 

bpr.files = BankPolicy,test 

3. Save the file. 

4. Run ETL and you should be able to see the custom BPR(say test) rule in the parameters list.