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Cannot start AS400 Agent V12, receive "an incorrect Company Key" message


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U00003359 Agent 'AS400' uses an incorrect Company Key.

When starting the V12 Agent on AS400 the Agent immediatly terminates.

The Agent log contains following messages:

"U02000041 Shutdown Agent 'AS400'.                                
U02000001 Agent 'AS400 version '12.0.1+build.3832' ended normally
U02000010 Connection to Server 'AE1201#CP001' terminated."  

The relevant message is in the CP log:
U00003412 Agent 'AS400' logged on (Client connection='15').
U00003359 Agent 'AS400' uses an incorrect Company Key.
U00003407 Client connection '15(9)' from '[TCP.IP.ADD.RES]:[PORT#]' has logged off from the Server.
U00003397 Agent 'AS400' logged off (client connection='15').


Cause type:
Root Cause: The Automation Engine cannot identify the agent properly


OS: IBM AS/400


1. Change the agent .ini:
KEYSTORE=[AGENT LIB]/KEYSTORE      <---- use the same library as for UC_EX_PATH_BIN          
2. Go to Client 0 / System Overview / Agents:  Renew the transfer key of the AS400 Agent
If the agent list doesn’t contains the entry for the specific agent, then create a New Object / Agent / OS400.
The name for the Agent object should be the same as specified in the .ini.
After that the "renew transfer key" agent should be possible.
3. Check to see if the Agent library already contains a KEYSTORE  *FILE and remove it
4. Start the Agent and check the connection to the Automation Engine (AE).   


The following information from a previous Knowledge Article may also be useful:

The Solution section: 
1. Check the UC_AS_SETTINGS variable in client 0. If it's blank, add "Authentication" for a Key and the value "NO."
2. Stop/Start the AE.
3. Attempt to restart the agent

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