Jobs in various statuses remain stuck in Backlog
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Jobs in various statuses remain stuck in Backlog


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Job(s) display in various statuses such as RUNNNING, STAGED, INITIATED, etc, in the backlog even though the related scripts have completed at the system level.


Release: CA Automic Applications Manager (AM) version 8.X.X and version 9.XX.


The RmiServer Process is no longer evaluating the Jobs and they remain hung in a RUNNING status.


Perform the following either of the following steps, ranked from least intrusive to most intrusive, in order to get the RUNNING status Jobs, as well as other stuck status such as the KILLING status, out of the queue:

  1. Stopping/Restarting the Automic Application Engineer (Master):
    • Select the Automic Application Engine (Master) from the Agent Summary Window, right click and select Stop and and then repeat to Start once in Stopped status.
      • ***NOTE: This may cause the Master to re-evaluate the status of the Jobs and move them to the history***
  2. Stopping/Restating the RmiServer Process:
    • From the command line with “sosite” invoked issue the following commands:
      1. stopso rmi
      2. startso rmi
    • ***NOTE: This will require all User’s to restart their instance of the Automic Application Manager (AM) Client***
  3. Delete the Jobs from the backlog utilizing a SQL statement:
    • As this option can lead to potential adverse effects on the Automic Application Manager (AM) instance, please contact Automic Support and reference this Knowledge Base (KB) Article and number to obtain the necessary SQL statements.