uxioserv or uxjobend looping on time zone element


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
When executing the command "truss" or "strace" on the PID of the impacted process (uxjobend or uxioserv), the following type of lines repeat:
statx("/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo///", 0x2FF17C00, 76, 0) = 0
statx("/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo///", 0x2FF178D0, 76, 0) = 0
_esend(3, 0xF20B8E30, 70, 0, 0x00000000) = 70

For instance:
statx("/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo//Europe/Paris", 0x2FF17C00, 76, 0) = 0

This is most likely to occur on an AIX system but can also occur on other Unix operating systems.

When executing the command
truss -p <uxioserv> the error is repeated multiple times per second.

In some cases the executable uxjobend may remain active for longer than a few seconds.

When executing the command
truss -p <PID uxjobend> the error message appears.

In case the variable U_DQM_TERM_JOB is set to NO and thus the process uxioserv handles the job end, the error appears in the truss of the IO process number.


Cause type:
Root Cause: In order to translate time zone information Dollar Universe has to do a system call


OS: All Linux/Unix


In order to prevent this behavior, set the system variable TZ in the .profile of the Dollar Universe user using the following format:
The value in .profile will overwrite the values in values.xml: 
<var id="TZ">MET-1METDST,M3.4.0/2:00:00,M10.4.0/3:00:00</var>
TZ=MET-1METDST,M3.4.0/2:00:00,M10.4.0/3:00:00 corresponds to CET in 2018, please look up your time zone code in the AIX documentation.

Note that the description of the DST switch (M3.4.0/2:00:00,M10.4.0/3:00:00) is not identical from year to year.

In the above example, Europe, the DST switch is always the last Sunday of March or October, which in some years fall in 4th week of the month, others in the 5th week.

In the U.S., daylight saving time starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November, except for some states.

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