How to manually commit after an upgrade V5 to V6


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
The commit process may fail because of several kind of errors. In most cases, the reason is that uninstallation of V5 fail.
The uninstall v5 traces can be found in maintenance.log file, errors like this may appear:
ERROR Uninstallation of v5 aborted you should verify if all services are really stopped

If the v6 node is in status Commit at next start-up in UVC, the restart of the v6 launched the commit but it did not run properly.
Commit process uninstalls the v5 and deletes the old folders and v5 services in a Windows environment.
Should the commit fail, even after several attempts, it can be launched manually.

Investigation and Logs files:
You can view the upgrade logs in C:\Users\user_name\univiewer_console\logs\upgrade_company_node_name.log to see which step the process was in during the commit process when it failed.
You can also see in maintenance.log file and restart_actions.log the actions and errors during the commit process.


Cause type: Configuration
Root Cause: The commit failed because the uninstall of DUAS v5 failed


OS: All
OS Version: All Windows / Unix / Linux

Product: Dollar Universe 6.x


On Windows

  1. Uninstall version 5 of Dollar Universe via the Add / Remove Programs on Windows
    If uninstall doesn't work properly, delete all dollar universe V5 folders manually (use the following documentation to check which folders need to be kept or deleted:Dollar Universe upgrade manual page 63
  2. Remove all the Dollar Universe V5 Windows Services with the following command:
sc delete name_of_the_service
  1.  Load the v6 environment:
  1. Stop the v6:
  1. Launch the commands below:
%UNI_DIR_EXEC%\unisetvar -unset U_UPGRADE_STEP (this removes the U_UPGRADE_STEP line in values.xml file)
%UNI_DIR_EXEC%\unims -msg upgrade commit success (to remove the "commit at next start up" status in UVMS )
  1. Kill all the processes uniactions.exe and unims.exe that are running on the Windows server
  2. Remove the files /data/exp/ and/or /data/exp/restart_actions (if it exists. This one is usually deleted when uniaction.exe is killed.)
  3. Start dollar universe via the unistart command.
  4. Check node status in UVMS

On Unix/Linux

  1. Stop both version 5 and version 6 of Dollar Universe
  2. Check via ps -ef | grep ux and ps -ef | grep uni that no process unims or uniactions are running, if so, kill those processes.
  3. Remove the v5 folders manually (use the Dollar Universe upgrade manual page 63 to check which folders need to be kept or deleted)
  4. Launch the commands below after having loaded DUAS v6 environment:
${UNI_DIR_EXEC}/unisetvar -unset U_UPGRADE_STEP (this removes the U_UPGRADE_STEP line in values.xml file)
${UNI_DIR_EXEC}/unims -msg upgrade commit success (to remove the "commit at next start up" Upgrade Status in UVMS)
  1. Remove files /data/exp/ and/or /data/exp/restart_actions (if they still exist)
  2. Start Dollar Universe 6 via the unistart command.
  3. Check node status in UVMS

After following this procedure, your node should be committed properly and you will be able to auto-patch the node in case a more recent version is needed.