Jobs with a condition on a Logical Resource remain in Event Wait Status


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Jobs having a Logical Resource condition remain in "Event Wait" status and eventually go into a "Time overrun" status.

The Resource event is present and has enough quota, but the jobs are not launched.

The logical resource is defined like this:
  qt1          : 9999
  qt2          : 0

And the resource condition on the uprocs is defined like this:
 qt1          : 1
 qt2          : 1


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: In the resource configuration, the Access mode is defined as "Non-exclusive" which means that Uprocs having a condition on this Resource will be able to run simultaneously within the quota limits.

The Resource Quota 1 and Quota 2 on the Uproc condition should be larger or equal to the remaining quotas available for the given resource.

In this case, the Quota 2 was defined to 0 but the Resource was defined to 1 or superior on the Uproc condition, which will never work.


OS: All
OS Version: N/A


Do the following:
  1. First, cancel the jobs in event wait status and/or manually relaunch them after the procedure is applied.
  2. Go to DESIGN> Resources> and update the impacted resource ( on this case DB_AVAIL)
On access mode put the following values:
Quota 1 5000
Quota 2 5000

Save and close the modification
  1. On Monitoring> Resource events> refresh the view, now DB_AVAIL should be displayed with MAX Q1 5000 and MAX Q2 5000 (allocated Q1 and Allocated Q2 should be empty)
  2. On Monitoring> Job runs try again to launch the Job.

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