When running Reports from Services, Client gives error stating "Invalid column name 'DOCUMENT_SIZE"


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


After applying Service Pack 2 (SP2) on CA WA DE (DE) R12, the Reports may not run properly.  When running a report, the console may show this error:

Invalid column name 'DOCUMENT_SIZE'


The R12 SP2 patch updates a table in the database.  The schema or DB user used by DE must have DB table create and update permission.  This permission is also required during the initial install of the application.  The SP2 patch updates table called 'ESP_SS_REPORT_RESULT' by adding a new column.  This column is used by Reporting for storing data.


CA Workload Automation R12 SP2Oracle 11gMS-SQL 2012 or 2016


The R12 SP2 provides a utility to update the DB. The utilities are locate in <CAWA_HOME>/upgrades/bin

There are two scripts/utilities in the bin directory.  This needs to be re-executed to properly update the DB.

  • convertstaticdata.sh/bat
  • convertruntimedata.sh/bat 

Shutdown DE.  If HA, then shutdown both Primary and Standby.  Login in to the Primary and navigate to <CAWA_HOME>/upgrades/bin.

Execute the above scripts.  Check the <CAWA_HOME>/upgrades/logs/inplaceupgrade.log for more information if the scripts complete successfully.  It will show an entry like this:

20170801 01:23:45.678 INFO com.ca.wa.de.migratestaticdata.UpdateConfiguration - Altering ESP_SS_REPORT_RESULT table to add column 

Start DE and execute reports to check for any issues.