Identity Suite Virtual Appliance cannot register remote connector server
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Identity Suite Virtual Appliance cannot register remote connector server


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After successfully installing an External Connector Server it is failing to register via the External Tools User Interface (UI) on the CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance (vAPP). The log file "/opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/logs/ca_vapp_main.log" records the following error message. 

RegisterExternalConnectorServer Message: :ETA_E_0299<BGU>, Bind to provisioning server as 'vapp-service' failed: Password has expired 


Identity Suite Virtual Appliance 14.1


To resolve this issue please follow these steps:

1) Log into Provisioning Manager as etaadmin.

2) Search for the user "vapp-service"

3) Open the users properties and click on the Password Tab.

4) On the Password tab please check off "Disable periodic password expiration"

5) Reattempt to register the Connector Server from the External Tools Virtual Appliance UI.

Additional Information

1.  If the suggestions above does not resolve the issue it may be necessary to reconfigure the user password.

There is a 14.1 hot fix available (on request) for this purpose : HF-INTERNAL-20180214-RECONFIGURE-VAPP-SERVICE-PASSWORD-0001.tgz.gpg
Please, open a CA\Broadcom support case to obtain the hot fix.

2.  The aforementioned hotfix relates to 14.1 Only.  14.2 introduced "resetVappServiceAccountPassword" command which offers the same functionality as the above hotfix.