EEP crashes or universe.log flooded with "Error checking the condition: file_check_fnc returns -1"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
|ERROR|X|EEP|pid=| o_eep_check_file_resource | Error checking the condition: file_check_fnc returns -1

While Dollar Universe is waiting for certain File Resources universe.log is flooded with the error message above.

In some cases, EEP process will crash every X minutes as many jobs are in status "Event Wait" and it is impossible to identify which Job is responsible of the issue.


Cause type:Configuration
Root Cause: u_frrv60 is corrupted and/or the definition of a File Resource contains a non existing target path


OS: All


Verify all File Resources especially the path that it targets.

This can either be done:
  1. By stopping Uprocs in Event Wait when the message is present in universe.log
  1. By stopping all Uprocs and launching them in a controlled fashion and see if the message appears

If this does not resolve the issue, open a support case and refer to this article for additional assistance.

Fix Status: No Fix

Ultimate solution is the reinitialization of u_frrv60 data file.

- Before stopping the node make sure that absolutely no Event Waits are present in Job Runs
- Stop the node
- Reinitialize u_frrv60 (uxrazfic u_frrv60 X)
- Reorganize (unireorg)
- Restart node