TDoD Error: We don't know where to make or find some of the data! Please contact your test data manager.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When trying to publish tiles in the Test Data on Demand (TDoD) Portal, I am receiving the following error message: 
We do not know where to make or find some of the data! Please contact your test data manager 

When I lookg at the AgileDesigner.log file from C:\%AppData%\Roaming\CA\logs, I see this error message:
ERROR [default] [ServiceHelper.cpp:85] Fault code s:Client: Operation: GetVTFAttributeByName: Attribute Does not exist 

Steps to reproduce: 
1. Login to TDoD (successful).
2. Choose previously created tile. 
3. Click Start. 
4. Enter requested information for that tile (Example- date, name, etc.) and click the Next button. 
5. Click the Submit button. 
6. Configure Request message appears: We don't know where to make or find some of the data! Please contact your test data manager. 


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Datamaker & Test Data on Demand (TDoD)


The root cause of this issue is the default publishes being corrupted or removed from the TDoD tiles. The solution is to re-add the default publishes to the data pools being used in the TDoD tiles. 

These directions outline how to determine which data pool you will need to check for each TDoD tile experiencing the error message:
1. Launch Agile Designer.
2. Open the relevant flow or VTF file.
3. Open a process block.
4. Go to the Make Data tab. 
- The name you see here will be the data pool you need to check. 

These directions outline how to add the default publishese to the data pool:
1. In Datamaker, expand the project so that you can see the Data Group, Data Set, and Data Pool.
2. Right click on the Data Pool and click the Pool Properties option. 
- When you look in the Data Pool Properties in Datamaker, you may see that the default publish was missing or is incorrect.
3. Run the publish again to make the default a brand new publish.
4. Add the new publish as the default publish in the data pool properties tab.
5. Save the data pool change.

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AK3JAAW" alt="dp.png" width="1276" height="716">

6. Go back to TDoD, refresh, and re-run the publish.
- This should resolve the issue. 

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